Inclusion Program

The purpose of the inclusion program is to create a positive child care environment for children with disabilities by providing technical support to CCS providers.  The parent(s), child care staff, and the Boards Early Childhood Specialist work as a team to determine how to best meet the needs of the child with a disability, whether that is with adaptive equipment or with the assistance.

To be eligible for the inclusion program the child must meet the following definition for a child with a disability.

A child with a disability is considered to be the following: A child who is mentally or physically incapable of performing routine activities of daily living within the child's typical chronological range of development. A child with a disability would require assistance in performing tasks (major life activity) that are within the typical chronological range of development, including but not limited to, caring for oneself; performing manual tasks; walking; hearing; seeing; speaking; breathing; learning; and working.