The distribution and warehousing industry includes any industry that stocks products to be redistributed to retailers, wholesalers, or directly to consumers. Distribution and warehousing centers are the foundations of a supply network.  They include both retail distribution and distribution directly to the customer. Suppliers in North Central Texas ship products by rail, truck or air. Many retailers own and run their distribution networks. Specific types of distribution require different types of jobs. The jobs supported by North Central Texas include forklift drivers, package handlers, truck drivers and commercial pilots.

Approved Career Pathway Occupations

Accountants and Auditors (SOC Code: 13-2011.00)
Auto Service Technicians (SOC Code: 49-3023.00)
Computer Programmers (SOC Code: 15-1131.00)  
Construction Manager (SOC Code: 11-9021.00)
General and Operations Managers (SOC Code: 11-1021.00)
Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers (SOC Code: 53-3032.00)
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers (SOC Code: 51-9061.00)
Maintenance and Repair Workers, General (SOC Code: 49-9071.00)
Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks (SOC Code: 43-5071.00)

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