Attention Employers:

The Texas Workforce Commission has approved $500 million to support a new Service Industry Recovery (SIR) program to help low-wage workers in specific service-related industries. Your current and future employees may qualify for FREE CHILD CARE FOR ONE YEAR if they currently work in specified industries, meet the income guidelines and provide proof of Citizenship for their children needing child care services.

Specified Service Industries include:

  • Accommodation and Food Service (such as hotels, restaurants and food delivery services)
  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (such as fitness centers, movie theaters and amusement  parks)
  • Retail (such as clothing stores, gas stations and grocery stores)

Download the informational flyer to learn more about the SIR program and to share it with your employees.

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  • Recruit and Hire

    Recruit and Hire

    Post a Job

    Take advantage of our free recruiting service by posting a job in our online job bank, Contact our Business Engagement Team for assistance.


    Strengthen your workforce and expand your recruiting capacity with our highly-skilled recruiters who can pre-screen to identify high-quality applicants that match your requirements before you interview. Let us support your application and recruitment process from beginning to end. Contact our Business Engagement Team for assistance today!

    Join the challenge with other employers in North Central Texas. Internship programs are a bridge for students to explore in-demand industries and occupations. Students will benefit from mentoring, career guidance, identification of marketable skills, and learn about high-demand occupations. Employers will benefit by the opportunity to explore candidates for full-time recruitment and leverage the developing skill sets and perspectives of students, while also highlighting careers in their industries. For more information, visit

    Hiring Events

    Let us help you attract a large and diverse pool of qualified applicants to your onsite recruitment event or to a hiring event at a Workforce Center. Attend one of our upcoming events, schedule one of our interview rooms or reserve Workforce Mobile Unit. Contact our Business Engagement Team today for assistance! 

    Recruit, Hire, and Retain Veterans

    The experience, skill and leadership that a Veteran has could improve your business efficiency. Let us help you recruit, hire and retain quality Veterans and take advantage of Federal Tax Credits. Check out the Guide to Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Veterans: Supporting our Veterans and Military Families Lessons to Benefit Employers Hiring Veterans

    Recruit and Hire
  • Train Employees

    Develop and Retain Employees

    Customized Training

    The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides the opportunity for businesses to partner with their local community college to apply for training dollars through the Skills Development Fund (SDF). The Skills Development Fund program assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job-training projects. This fund successfully merges business needs and local customized training opportunities into a winning formula to increase the skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas helps businesses connect with their local community college and economic development partner, and the Texas Workforce Commission. For more information regarding the Skills Development Fund and other funding opportunities available, contact our Business Engagement Team


    Small Business Training

    The Skills for Small Business is a grant-funded training opportunity available to meet the unique needs of small businesses. It is designed to provide a local training solution that is both highly time efficient and of great benefit to building the efficiency of your workforce. For additional information, contact our Business Engagement Team


    Work-Based Training 

    Save money during your new hire training period with wage reimbursements and additional support for your employees. Contact our Business Engagement Team to learn more about our current work-based learning opportunities.


    Grants for Employers

    TWC Grants

    Develop and Retain Employees
  • Human Capital

    Manage Human Capital

    Labor Market Information 

    Labor market trends and projections help you anticipate talent growth and respond with training, engagement, and other retention strategies. Our data will help you understand the future availability of talent, plan for employee recruitment and strategies for a profitable future. For more information, please complete the Data Request form.

    Tax Credits

    Save money on your Federal Income Taxes with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This Federal tax credit ranges from $1,200 to $9,600 and is available to you for hiring individuals from certain target groups. Find additional information on the WOTC Brochure or contact the Business Engagement Team.

    Especially for Texas Employers

    Avoid costly pitfalls when operating business and managing employees by accessing Especially for Texas Employers. This publication offers comprehensive information on workplace issues and other confusing legalese of federal and state employment law in an easy to understand terminology that can serve of assistance on a daily basis.

    Fidelity Bonding

    Reduce your concerns about hiring at-risk employees who cannot be bonded through other sources with the Texas Workforce Commission’s Fidelity Bonding Program. Download the Fidelity Employer Brochure for more information.

    Rapid Response Activities

    Let us assist you with outplacement if you are ever in the process of or considering employee layoffs or closures.   The Texas Workforce Commission’s page on Preventing and Managing Layoffs offers additional information about this service. 

    Manage Human Capital